St Michaels Mount Passenger Ferry

When the tide is high at Marazion, the causeway becomes flooded and everyone has to wait their turn on this tiny jetty for the next shuttle ferry to the famous St Michael’s Mount. We are just a few weeks before Easter and the crowds are now descending on Cornwall. My friend Louie is in the shallows quite unperturbed digging for Cornwall. Because of the dull overcast sky I edited in semi mono, with lots of contrast,  just to focus on the passengers and ultimate location.

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godolphin manor house

The evidence of spring is becoming more evident in the grounds of one of my most favourite haunts at this time of year, delving into the hidden corners of this medieval place always produces a surprise or two if you look hard enough. Stopping off at the cafe for homemade scones and tea is a must after walking the estate and the most magical Godolphin Hill. Click images below for full size slideshow.

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Trerice Manor House

Friday was cold bleak dark and very unsprung like, so what better to do than explore the ancient pile at Trerice which has loads atmosphere and haunting stories which are a major attraction as far as I am concerned.

I had not past the front door when one of those tantalising NT secondhand donation style book shops beckoned to me from the depths of the converted barn area of Trerice.....and there saying I am waiting for you buy me was Simon Marsden's "Journal of a Ghost Hunter" ...the day had begun well :)

We walked with slow deliberate steps through this once ancient farm owned by the Arundell family for nearly 500 years to soak up the fabulous Elizabethan atmosphere

The Great Hall

The Great Hall was part of the medieval farmouse rebuilt in the 1570s and has the stunning 576 tpane mullioned window which still contains some original glass, when we arrived the window cleaner was just starting!

Book Cover Sales

Delighted to announce I have just sold two international book cover images this week with ARCANGEL image library I am represented by. This first one below, a sepia image of boy on an Indian rooftop is the most exciting for me as I have just discovered the book on Amazon and has been reviewed by The New York Times and The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

book sale 1.jpg

the second image for the French novel market by author Sylvain Tesson the title being "S'abandonner a Vivre!"

RPS Meet Godolphin

"On Saturday July 16th about 8 members met at Godolphin in west Cornwall. All were from the local area but as the holiday traffic had begun perhaps members from further afield were worried whether they would ever arrive! The weather was good and there were enough different subjects to keep us all happy. The Godolphin estate has belonged to the National Trust for a long time but the house, which dates back to 1475 has only recently come into their hands. Unfortunately the house wasn’t open; it only opens to visitors the first week of the month but is usually a holiday let. However there was plenty to see outside. To the south is Godolphin Hill with beautiful views and the ruins of the engine house for Great Works mine. To the north are woods riddled with mine shafts! Around the house are historic gardens which are being restored and the cider house which houses an exhibition on granite at the moment. The house had to be extensively repaired after the Trust acquired it as it was almost falling down – one of the local camera clubs was invited to visit to document the danger! We enjoyed a lovely summer’s day, both for the photographic and social aspects.  I would definitely recommend a visit if you are coming to the area from up-country."

Margaret Hocking ARPS

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