project venetian dogs

I love DOGS and I LOVE Venezia so my future photographic series whilst visiting La Serenissima over the next two weeks of Christmas and New Year 2017/8 it seemed a very obvious choice for a documentary photographic project. Venice doesn't have streets and roads and not even squares and alleys. Venice consists of Calli, Campi and Campielli.and it will be along these atmospheric places that I shall be practicing my very basic Italian in the hope of being granted gracious permission!

I have made up some business cards with my contact details on inviting dog owners to contact me with their email address to enable me to email them a digital doggy photgraph.

The aim of this project is to ultimately produce a photographic book with an exhibtion. Hoping it all goes to plan!

The first four images featured here were from my last visit 2 years ago so I have no doggy or owners names, this coming project will have a more personal touch.