Polymer Photogravure Course - Day One

The printing press - I am in love ❤️ — at John Howard Print Studios

Polymer Photogravure is a printmaking technique that falls under the Intaglio process of printmaking, which means creating an image lower than the surface level of the plate. In this case, an image is exposed onto a Polymer plate, inked and printed. The subtle grooves in the plate hold the ink which is the essence of intaglio.

This is my first days experience of this wonderful tactile process, one that is quite skilled and involved and never a print shall be exactly the same - it is wonderfully creative and unpredicable sometimes, but very satisfying - I am hooked totally. For years I have looking for an alternative special process to print my photographs one that does not invole Giclee. Here it is my journey is just beginning....

Here are a few grab shots from my iphone, whilst I was working on Day One. Six small cropped sample plates etched from six A4 photographic images and then eventually prints made from the Printing Press with a whole lot of process in between.