Horse Whorls

Horse Whorls

A whorl is a patch of hair growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the hair. Whorls occur on animals with hairy coats and are often found on horses and cows. Locations where whorls are found in equines include the stomach, face, poll, neck, chest, flanks and sometimes in random, odd places on the body. Hair whorls in horses are also known as crowns, swirls, trichoglyphs or cowlicks and can be either clockwise or counter clockwise in the direction of growth. One study has found that horses can be shown to have left or right footed lateral motion depending on the direction of growth of their whorls., the beliefs of how you can predict intelligence and behaviour is endless.

For now I have just released two Whorl Etching Prints for sale that I photographed whilst in Southern France from a horse I was caring for during the winter months.

After the lengthy process of creating each etched steel plate at the famous John Howards Studio in Penryn, it will it take me at least one meditive hour to ink up each plate, scrim off the ink and polish the plate before the magical alchemy of paper and ink come together through the press as seen in the videos below.

The visual quality of the print becomes almost 3D which a normal photographic print cannot seem to achieve. A photo etching becomes a beautiful marriage of textures, depth, detail and movement.

These will be editioned at just 15 copies available at my online store THE PRINT SHOP.