Trerice Manor House

Friday was cold bleak dark and very unsprung like, so what better to do than explore the ancient pile at Trerice which has loads atmosphere and haunting stories which are a major attraction as far as I am concerned.

I had not past the front door when one of those tantalising NT secondhand donation style book shops beckoned to me from the depths of the converted barn area of Trerice.....and there saying I am waiting for you buy me was Simon Marsden's "Journal of a Ghost Hunter" ...the day had begun well :)

We walked with slow deliberate steps through this once ancient farm owned by the Arundell family for nearly 500 years to soak up the fabulous Elizabethan atmosphere

The Great Hall

The Great Hall was part of the medieval farmouse rebuilt in the 1570s and has the stunning 576 tpane mullioned window which still contains some original glass, when we arrived the window cleaner was just starting!