My journey as a specialised Printmaker started at the influential and inspirational John Howard Print Studios in Penryn which I visit to create my handmade Photopolymer Gravure plates.

As an artist and photographer the appeal of being able to produce unique hand pulled intaglio prints from my photography was immediate. Using photopolymer plates the process fits into the printmaking repertoire by making an impression of an image rather than an exact representation with each hand pulled print being unique. The actual printing is archival and permanent which takes on a warmth and beauty that is not present in any other photographic process. 

The process requires no chemicals using only water to etch the plate and the suns solar rays to develop the plate which is then inked as was  done centuries ago and printed as a conventional intaglio print.

Each unique print is hand pulled on my Gunning Etching Press No. 2 onto heavy grade archival Somerset or Fabriano paper a complex process which produces beautiful tonal and linear intaglio prints that present incredible depth and perspective. The thrill of lifting a print from the plate never ceases to excite!


Below are two galleries to view my studio and process: