366 project

A couple of days before New Year’s Eve in 2011, I decided to start a “365 days 365 photos” project like so many other photographers before me. It felt like a great idea something to test my endurance and also to test my way of seeing and photographing. 

Seeing as 2012 was to be a Leap Year I had one extra day to photograph hence the 366 project.

Surprisingly for me, it proved to be ultimately very challenging, as an avid photographer since year dot I was shocked that some days I just did not want to be bothered with creating a masterpiece. This however was a test - I really did not have to prove anything but just photograph life around me sometimes in a very simplistic way. In return creative ways of seeing and observing became more acute and unusual.

I consciously wanted some coherence to the project as my desire was ultimately a 366 page photo-book and my stamp was to shoot in monochrome only, but with all cameras available from DSLR to iPhone 4s.

It may inspire you to record your own days of your chosen year

The images are shown in order of taken, you can click on the images individually to view full screen.