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As a photographer, artist & printmaker living in West Cornwall much of my inspiration is taken from the fabulous wild Celtic landscape that I have loved and lived in for most of my life. The coast, the sea and the moors, isolated places attract me the most where I can study and capture our natural world.

My preferred medium is polymergravure, etching through UV light sensitive steel plates which has become a vehicle for my lifelong love of photography using traditional printmaking skills, producing small runs of fine art edition prints. It is a slow but meditative process creating an impression of an image rather than an exact representation, with each resulting art print being quite unique, archival and permanent, taking on a warmth and beauty that is not present in any other photographic process. I also practice other alternative print-making processes including Venetian, Cyanotype and Monotype.

Commissions are welcome, please enquire via my contact page.

I am also represented by the photographic agencies ARCANGELALAMYSAATCHI ART